Company advantages
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Tking Technology Co., Ltd (ZTCSMOKE)is a leading healthy Concentrate vaporizer,Tobacco vaporizers ,CBD/THC/WAX device manufacturer and exporter from Shenzhen area of China.
Our product line covers from tobacco vaporizers, concentrate vaporizers,Enail to CBD device . We promote a healthy lifestyle by connecting wholesaler to retailers and customers, strive to promote not only an elevate way of smoking, but also thinking and living. Each model is designed by our professional R&D team considering eliminating harmful toxins otherwise consumed. Top level craftsmanship and quality standards applied by ZTCSMOKE undoubtedly make our products first choice in the e cig industry.
The growing popularity of vaporizer and other atomizer devices comes from delivery of nicotine without the need for smoke, which eliminates the body’s exposure to harmful toxins found in cigarettes. Whether your customers are athletes, vocalists and the health-conscience individual desiring the healing power of marijuana or satisfaction of nicotine without compromising their respiratory system, ex-smoker, or a longtime fan of electronic cigarette and cigars, they can find what they are looking for from ZTCSMOKE at your end!
OEM and ODM service are warmly welcome. Smoke less, vape more! 

Why choose us ? 

Our company is committed to provide customers with top quality products. We own perfect inspection instrument and equipment. From material inspection to finished goods inspection, we strictly control every process. Every item is meticulously inspected before shipment. We strictly implement the ISO9001 quality management system certification standards to ensure top quality items. Every step of the manufacturing process is built with IQC, IPQC, LQC and FQA in mind. All of our products have passed CE, RoHS and FCC certifications.

We have strict quality control process as follows:

1. Raw material quality control before ordering
2. Review reports are prepared by receiving clerk.
3. Standard production flow, strict production line inspection
4. Quality control staff full-inspection finished products
5. Quality director spot check
6. Outgoing products inspection before shipping.