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ZTCSMOKE is committed to bringing our customers the best product and the best customer service. We supply the highest quality vapor hardware and accessories. ZTCSMOKE... BORN FOR YOU, BORN OF NATURE. 

The predecessor of ZTCSMOKE was SHNZHEN TKING TECHNOLOGY LIMITED (TKINGTECH), Founded in 2016. Tkingtech is a international trading company established in HongKong . Mainly focus on the electronic cigarette market in Europe and America. With the erupt type grows of business and accumulated large customers and rich experience in engineering , ZTCSMOKE (www.ztcsmoke.com) was formally established in Shenzhen, China in 2017. From the trading business to manufacture ,We have become a brand-name technology enterprise focusing on the research, development, design, production, sales and service of electronic cigarettes,Have your own factory, excellent business team and strong corporate culture. "Tkingtech" and "ZTCSMOKE" are well-known in the European and American markets, won the praise of many customers, have good market and brand influence ,and have a good reputation in the American industry magazines and social platforms. 


BORN FOR YOU , BORN OF NATURE is the origin of ZTCSMOKE . Dedicated to providing global vapor enthusiasts with health,trend, fashion, pure taste products. “Customer is God" is our attitude ,and constantly improve the sales and after-sales system . With the recognition of ZTCSMOKE brand in European and American market, the “End consumer after-sales service “warehouse was formally established in Florida,In October 2018, providing an after-sales service face-to-face service with consumers for each product of the ZTCSMOKE brand; In May 2019, ZTCSMOKE USA INC was formally established in Colorado, USA , to provide more cordial services for consumers and go deep into the market to develop healthy vapor devices with consumer needs.


We have many utility model patents, design patents and trademark patents, All of the products that we manufacture must pass extremely strict quality and safety testing procedures. We always have our products certified by international compliance organizations. Some of which are CE, FCC, IQC, IPQC, FQC, and RoHs. We are dedicated to ensuring that our products are 100% safe and high quality. We manufacture production types of vaporizers; Oil Vapes, Wax Vapes, and Dry Herb Vapes,battery,Pod system, Cartridges, oil Press .... 

iTHOR, iTHOR MiNi, v-mini, CANNA, EDEG, iTHOR PRO, 420 PEN, JustPod and so on, enjoy a good reputation in European and American markets. As a professional Vapor manufacturer, ZTCSMOKE provides customers with free OEM/ODM customized services, meet customers' individual needs.We promote a healthy lifestyle by connecting wholesaler to retailers and customers, strive to promote not only an elevate way of smoking, but also thinking and living. Each model is designed by our professional R&D team considering eliminating harmful toxins otherwise consumed. Top level craftsmanship and quality standards applied by ZTCSMOKE undoubtedly make our products first choice in the e cig industry. 

You can find us a most major international trade shows including Champs, MJBizCon, and the Cannabis Cup. Our full trade show schedule is available on ztcsmoke.com. From 2018 to 2019, we exported 2.3 million sets of electronic cigarette sets and 12.6 million CBD atomizers and Vapor Accessories to the European and American markets ,with customer satisfaction of 99.2% . ZTCSMOKE products are available in stores, supermarkets, gas stations, convenience stores and wholesalers warehouses in the US and EU. Customers can easily purchase original ZTCSMOKE products from the local area . 
ZTCSMOKE , BORN FOR YOU , BORN OF NATURE ! Enjoy your vaping life ,Smoke less, vape more!