About Warranty and returns
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All the ZTCSMOKE Vaporizer porducts come with 90 days Warranty , 
Pen battery 90 days warranty ,
Cartridges  30 days warranty , 
Dry herb device 1 year warranty . 

ZTCMOSKE will not directly make replacement to the end user.

Step #1:
The first step is to authenticate that your product is a Genuine ZTCMOSKE product. We will not provide parts or replacements
for any product that is NOT authenticated according to the process we have established and explained how to use here: All
customers can verify the authenticity of their ztcsmoke products by going to website http://www.ztcsmoke.com/check and
inputting the code on the packaging.
Scratch label QR code label

Step #2:
Contact the direct vendor for assistant since they are your direct vendor and they have the liability and responsibility to serve
you. You should bring along with your parts, Authenticity code and the purchase receipts to seek you vendor’s help. We will
deal with the Warranty and returns with the local vendors