Main Features: 

Product size: 60*37*17.3mm

Material: zinc alloy + Aluminum

Atomizer aperture  ≤11.5mm

Battery capacity: 650mah

Colors : Blue / Red / Silver/ Balck /Gold/Rose gold/Rainbow/ Character customization

Cartridge capacity: 1.0ml/0.5ml


To Use :

To unlock/lock the iTHOR mini, click the power button 5 times consecutively.

The iTHOR minis indicator light will flash 3 times to indicate it has been locked/unlocked.

The iTHOR minis battery is a variable voltage battery. To change voltage settings, click the power button 3 times consecutively. There are 3 optimized voltage settings: 3.4, 3.7, and 4.0 volts. The current setting is shown via the 3 indicator lights on the face of the iTHOR mini battery.


Press and hold the power button and inhale slowly. To maintain peak performance, the iTHOR mini has a 10 second maximum puff duration. The power button will blink 10 times when the maximum puff duration is met.


To use the iTHOR minis 2.2 volt preheat function, press the power button 2 times. All of the 3 indicator lights will shine to show that the preheat function has been activated. This will last for 10 seconds before returning to an idle state automatically.


Release the button 2S after vaping ,the power hole flashing light display battery power .

Green  light, 70%~100% battery power;

Blue light, 40%~70% battery power;

Red light, 10%~40% battery power.

The charging light hole is always lit green when it charging; when it full, the light off.


Short circuit protection : When the output load resistance <0.4 ohm, the LED light flashing white light 3 times returning to an idle state automatically.

Kit Includes:

1 xiTHOR mini battery

1 x Charging Cable

1 x Magnetic Adapter

1 x USB cable